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The first company in Alsace confirmed for Eco-design | 2015-09

SENFA has undertaken a number of steps for eco-designing products for Decoprint since 2010. SENFA is one of the first companies in Alsace to engage in the CIM-ECO program for the acquisition and development of skills & knowhow in this area. Since then the company has continued to deepen this approach by conducting environmental assessments of products, by developing eco-innovative formulations, conducting research on recycling & into the end of life of products. Subsequently a real system of project management has been established & put into place around this work.

Last July, the company's efforts were rewarded with the award of the Eco-design AFAQ-label (Confirmed or Level III out of IV) following an independant evaluation ... a first in Alsace..! This distinction certifies the ongoing presence of eco-design in SENFA.

With this approach, inspiring our corporate culture, the Decoprint brand continues to improve the environmental quality of products with the assurance that this is of a growing concern for all and integral development for the Decoprint brand.

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