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Decoprint®, a collection of innovative products for events and communication

Art Reproduction

With digital printing, you no longer need to use your paintbrush to reproduce an artwork. A scanner, photographic and RIP software, a large format digital printer and Decoprint media will enable you to reproduce an art design in large dimensions and quantities for museums, art galleries or movie studios.

Ideal products : Decoprint Nature, Decoprint Theater, Decoprint Grain, Decoprint Ray

Point-of-Purchase Displays

The creation of Roll-Up Display systems creates a new dimension of visual communication for Points of Purchase. The Decoprint range of fabrics has all the attributes for successful display solutions : wrinkle resistance, malleability, M1 fire retardant certification, easy transport or ship, light weighted...

Ideal products : Decoprint Skin, Decoprint Pearl, Decoprint Acquasun

Indoor Signage

Markets and services are increasingly competitive and one has to be both original and creative when promoting a brand image. Create a visual impact by using Decoprint products for banners and stand decorations in store displays, exhibitions and fairs.

Ideal products : Decoprint Green Drop, Decoprint High Drop, Decoprint Diamond, Decoprint Silver, Decoprint Gold, Decoprint Acquanight

Backlit Advertising

Decoprint has developed a line of transparent & semi-transparent fabrics ideal for backlit applications such as enclosed lit billboards. These are ideal for promoting your product in many different indoor or outdoor environments where lighting is important.

Ideal products : Decoprint Pearl, Decoprint Skin, Decoprint Storm, Decoprint Acquasun

Indoor Wall Murals

It is now possible to personalize the decor of any large freestanding area, such as a restaurant, hotel lobby, casino or a booth on a fair, using creative Decoprint media with different surface effects and looks.

Ideal products : Decoprint Grain, Decoprint Ray, Decoprint High Drop, Decoprint Green Drop

Outdoor Graphics

The Decoprint outdoor range is a unique type of textile, extremely light with material resistance superior to PVC. This means easy set-up and utilization of the prints for outdoor advertising applications such as pole/street banners, billboards, building coverings, trade show/convention signs...

Ideal products : Decoprint Baryt, Decoprint Crystal, Decoprint Opal